Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Paz vs. "Hoopla"


Political scandals can be some asinine shit! John Edwards told his wife about this affair two years ago, so this "scandal" is a non-issue for me because the people who needed to know, knew before anyone else. Case closed! I think that it's completely conceivable that the Edwards could have an open relationship and that his wife condoned this "affair" and all this hoopla is deserving of as little media coverage as possible.


I think that these days, in this society, there is no such thing as "private" or "personal" for any public figure whether they are a politician or movie star. It's not right but it is what it is. As for Mr. Edwards, he screwed up (no pun intended) and if he confessed his sin to his wife, good for him. But he should have known that in the real world he is accountable to more than just his wife. His wife didn't elect him a Senator and his wife doesn't get paid to dig up and report dirt on the rich and powerful.

Oh, and forget about the fact that she has BREAST CANCER. Maaaaaaaan, that's a different kind of "low down" but that also makes it tabloid and talk soup worthy. And even if they did have an open marriage and she had some dude on the side (a BIG "if") then that too is newsworthy in itself based on the standards we govern ourselves by these days. And he can't be/shouldn't be surprised at the attention he's being given especially since he's only mere months removed from trying to run for President.


The privacy issue is just the point. He may be a public figure and his private life may be subject to scrutiny, BUT it's still his private life. MAYBE he came clean privately to his family to avoid this public spectacle. MAYBE denying the affair hoping to protect the private "secret" so his wife wouldn't have to endure all the media attention in the waning months of her life. MAYBE she said, "Hey John, this cancer thing is a pain. I want you to go out and have a good time with another woman." Elizabeth Edwards could come out tomorrow and say, "I ALLOWED him to have this affair," and give very sound reasons, but then SHE looks bad and the attention turns to her. To top it off, he's not even in a public office! This isn't a sitting president or a senator, he's just a handsome guy who's just hanging around these days. It may be "newsworthy" by today's standards, but that just shows you how low our news standards have become!


Woozie said...

John Edwards is like the lovechild of Stalin and Mao if you listen to the media. Forget the mud, his name was dragged through miles of horse shit because of something-though bad-is incredibly common.

I heard talking heads rambling about "he betrayed the trust of the American people". Wait, what? How is lying to your wife a betrayal of the trust of 300 million people when those 300 million people ain't got no damn business sticking their noses in the inner workings of your marriage?

Washington Times FTL.

Woozie said...

Also, your URL is a typo. theegarden?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, infidelity is sad if, indeed, it was secret. But as Paz suggests, we have no idea what the two of them have agreed to. Or anything else about their marriage, for that matter. Time has humbled me, and I really try not to sit in judgment on anyone else's relationship (assuming it is between consenting adults) if I can't be sure of all the facts. And you can NEVER be sure of all the facts.

As for John Edwards in particular, I'm most concerned with his behavior in the political realm. We currenly havea president who has screwed the entire country - one man's personal affair seems FAR less troublesome.