Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Out Of My Head

One of the things that I'll probably never get used to about being in a relationship with the same person for years and years and years...... ;-) is how well you begin to know each other. Seeing as how I don't think we ever really fully know ourselves, its crazy sometimes how well other people learn our ways, our little glitches and our behaviors.

I bring this up because something funny happened the other day while me and the Mrs. sat in a fast food drive thru. Now, you may not find it as entertaining as we did but I'll tell you the story anyway.

As we moved from one point to the next in the line, we carried on normal conversation about one thing or another (mostly our daughter), not paying much attention at all to our surroundings, ie the cars ahead of us, the funny smell by the menu thingy, or the songs on the radio. Eventually I ordered our food, moved to the next window and paid for our food, and finally moved to the next window to collect our food.

As I pulled up to the final stage of the drive thru process we continued our conversation as I turned towards the window in anticipation of receiving our goods. When I turned my head I was greeted by a young, very attractive woman holding my food with a large, warm, friendly smile on her face.

"Hey, how are you?" she asked. And as I fixed my lips to reply, a sly whisper filled my ear from the passenger seat. It said...

"Don't get cut honey."

Now for any of you that may not recognize it, "don't get cut" is a phrase often used in African American domestic environments with many translations such as, "don't say anything stupid" or "do the right thing" or "don't do the WRONG thing" and so on.

Right away I couldn't help but laugh because in the back of my mind, deep down in the furthest corner of my mind, I was provoked by the attractive young woman's smile into, let's say, being a little too receptive to her warmth. The crazy part is that the Mrs. seemingly knew before I did, that the potential for something stupid was present, hence, the warning... "don't get cut honey".

As I pulled out of the parking lot we laughed for a few minutes because it was so funny to me that she practically read my mind and I think the fact that I was so amused, made it funny for her as well.

I guess it's one of those "cup half full, half empty" scenarios where you want to be with someone who knows you like the back of their hand but at the same time, if they know what you're thinking before you do, then where's the excitement in that? I'm not complaining and I wouldn't have it any other way, I guess it's just another one of those things that comes with the territory in The Twilight Zone.... I mean domestication.


Anonymous said...

It's inevitable. And it actually surprises me how quickly it happens in a relationship. Mostly it's a good thing.

Daughter well?

Robin said...

You are a flirt. Always have been. Always will be. Wife is keenly aware because that was the first thing she saw in you.

But Citizen is right, it's inevitable. What's fun for us women is that we are usually more intuitive than you sometimes we can seem downright....psychic.

And Zari doing okay? Loving hearts want to know.

Kiyotoe said...

Teach: yeah i guess it is inevitable but I don't have to like it ;-)

Spark: Me? a flirt? Have we met in person and you just forgot to tell me? :-)

Thanks for asking ladies, Zari is doing well. So far so good. Her tiny self is finally 2 pounds and still growing. Can't wait to show pictures like a proud papa but the cell phone pics don't come out well and we can't use flashes in the NICU.

paz y amor said...

Damn homes, that takes this "domestication" thing to a whole new level!!! And the fact that she read your mind BEFORE you could even form the thought of being flirty is crazy. It's them psychologism types man...Welcome to my world!

noisysmile said...

what I find interesting is how much my boyfriend of only 4 years knows me better than my brothers and other family members that I've known all my life.
I compare a lot of things to tennis. In tennis sometimes you have to make the wrong move because it's the opposite of what they're anticipating just so you can get a point. I think relationships are the same way. You have to do something unexpected even if it appears to be the wrong thing just so the ordinary is interrupted.

Woozie said...

Daughter? What? Christ, how long have I been gone?? Or am I just contracting the Alzheimer's?

Asara Dragoness said...

Hey you :)
Just checking in, and I know exactly what you're talking about, really. Hubby and I do the same thing, all the time.

Also, I've got an award for you, if you end up having the time to come visit. :)

*hugs* for you and the family!