Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coming Home

It's been 10 years since I graduated from college and this weekend we had a homecoming at my Alma mater. Usually I skip these kinds of occasions and events but this year one of my closest friends, more like a brother, came to Atlanta from Seattle, pretty much ensuring my participation in much of the agenda.

What I learned during the festivities is that there's a lot more to "Homecoming" and "Reunions" than just seeing how fat people got or who went on to do great things and who didn't.

Reconnecting, even if just for a short amount of time with people you were closest to in the past helps to put things in perspective. They bring back memories and awaken parts of you that have been asleep for years, parts of you that you had forgotten about or just didn't recognize anymore.

You exchange stories and memories and in the process you remember things that were important to you and forgotten dreams that you tucked away as you got older because of other pressing priorities.

Life is short and time flies and nothing reminds you of that better than being 32 years old and reminiscing with friends about the day you all met at age 18. When the memory is so clear and vivid in your mind, it's hard to believe that it was an entire decade ago. Where did that time go?

The bad part is that you can't physically go back, you can never do it over again no matter how much you wish you could. But that's why these occasions are so important, to remind you of why you trust the people you trust, love the ones you love and miss the friends that you miss. And when everyone goes back to their respective corners of the world, the short time you spent together laughing and cheering makes them feel a little closer no matter how far away they are.

Homecoming '09? I'll be there.


paz y amor said...

It was really nice to see all the old faces. It's crazy how much people HAVEN'T changed!

Robin said...

I hadn't looked at it that way, Lav. I'm lucky to have several very old friends (and by now, I mean 'very old' both ways). You're right. They help us remember our 'core'.

BTW, I'll send you an answer in email. I hope you will still speak to me after reading it.


Anonymous said...

I have only been to one reunin, my 10th HS reunion, a million years ago. I enjoyed it, but dodn't feel all that connected.